Rosie's Treasure Box

Introducing Rosie's Treasure Box open it up for an amazing culinary adventure! Unlock the extraordinary flavors hidden within the mystical depths of our Treasure Box, a rich trove of unparalleled taste sensations. 

Customize your treasure box with a wide variety of Rosie's wonderful creations. Each jar is packed full of delicious craft sauces and unique flavor! Our Small batch creations are made with as many locally sourced ingredients as we can find and are proudly branded PA Preffered! 

Seeking the ultimate present for a fellow food lover or a passionate home cook? Look no further than Rosie's Treasure Box. With its unique treasure chest design, it's not only a delightful culinary experience but also a gift that will impress and inspire.


Note: While we try our best to always keep our shelves stocked of delicious sauce we may need to contact you for a change if a selected option is unavailable.



$ 75.00

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