Stello Foods - Rosie's Green Chile Tomatillo Ginger Sauce 13oz

Rosie's Green Chile Tomatillo Ginger Sauce is the perfect combination of fresh tomatillos, chili peppers, fresh poblano peppers, fresh jalapeno peppers, and our own mix of special spices. This sauce can be used as a marinade, relish or even a salsa but however, you use it - You will love it! It's a true culinary delight!

Water, Fresh Onions, Tomatillos, Chile Peppers, Sugar, Fresh Poblano Peppers, Fresh Jalapeno Peppers, Rice Vinegar, Canola Oil, Modified Corn Starch, Ginger, Fresh Garlic, Lime Juice Concentrate, Natural Vegetable Base (dehydrated vegetables (onion, tomato, sweet corn, carrot, celery, pumpkin, carrot juice, bell pepper, green leek, garlic), Sea Salt, Sugar, Yeast Extract, Corn Oil, Spices, Extractives of Celery, Onion Garlic, Cilantro, Salt, Spices

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