Stello Foods - Rosie's Spiced Pears 28 oz

All of our customers swear by Rosie's Spiced Pears to impress their guests at their next big feast. When you're looking for a fruity snack, a jar of Spiced Pears is what you lack. Trying to make a different pie, give Rosie's Spiced Pears a try. Or if cobbler is what you desire, Rosie's Spiced Pears may just be the fuel for your fire. Even put a little spark in your love life. Mix Spiced Pears with brandy and serve them to your wife. I think Rosie is getting fruitier by the day, I wonder what new products are coming our way.

$ 12.50

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INGREDIENTS: Pears, Water, Sugar, Vinegar, Ascorbic Acid, Spices