Stello Foods - Rosie's Mild Ringers 12oz

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Rosie's Ringers are a unique taste combination of sliced pepper rings with cauliflower flowerets in a sweet tomato sauce. Our customers tell us that the hot - sweet combination is very addicting. They must be right, because they have made our Ringers one of our best selling products. Ringers can be used with sausage, chili, a topping for pizza, pasta, or spanish rice. A loaf of home made bread and a jar of Rosie's ringers is all that I need to make my day. Give our Ringers a try and join the hundreds of other people who think that they are the best peppers that they have ever had. Ringers are available in two flavors Hot & Mild.

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INGREDIENTS: Fresh Peppers, Tomato Puree (tomato paste, water), Sugar, Vinegar, Fresh Cauliflower, Vegetable Oil (canola and/or soybean), Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Modified Corn Starch, Salt, Onion, Spices.


ALLERGENS: Contains Soy