Stello's Gameday Spread


One of our favorite times of the year is Fall! With the cooler temperatures moving in, the leaves changing, and the start of football season, this is the perfect time of year to gather with friends and family and enjoy some tasty food together. Today’s recipe is very simple, but also very suitable for making a gameday spread. Nachos and Wings make the perfect combination to enjoy while your favorite team is playing. Using Stello’s Steel City Chili and Wing Sauces also makes this a very easy recipe to follow.

Stello’s Loaded Chili Nachos

Cooking up a pot of chili can be a time-consuming task. Our Steel City Chili mix takes most of the work out of this process and gives you a homestyle chili that is robust in flavor and texture that the whole gang will love. This is also the main ingredient to our chili nacho recipe. Simply brown up ½ to 1 pound of hamburger in the skillet. Drain any excess oils and then add 1 jar of Stello’s Steel City Chili. Our chili selection is available in different heat/spice levels to meet everyone’s preferences. For a thicker chili, use 1 pound of hamburger per jar. For a thinner chili, use ½ pound.

Once the chili is finished, spread a layer of nacho chips onto a cooking sheet. Generously add the chili on top of the chips along with melted queso cheese, chopped veggies (like tomato and onion), and some Stello’s Pepper Rings and Jalapenos. This is our personal favorite combination of ingredients, but you can create your own spread with your favorite toppings.

Stello’s Wings

The perfect compliment to loaded chili nachos is buffalo chicken wings. Stello’s offers several different wing sauces that can be added direct to the deep friend wings without having to add any other ingredients. From traditional buffalo sauce, to ranch buffalo, to garlic butter sauce, Stello’s has a taste for everyone.

We hope you try this simple recipe and enjoy some tasty treats while you are cheering on your favorite team. Have another gameday snack idea? We would love to hear about it.