Stello's Amazing Steak Marinade


While Stello Foods is known for being one of the leading Italian Food companies in central Pennsylvania, did you also know that our sauces can be used to enhance your non-Italian dinners as well? Today’s recipe is a good example of that. By combining 2 of our most popular products, you can create a rich and flavorful marinade to use on your steaks:

The Old Colony Sauce - This unique sauce has the potential to be any chef's secret weapon. By itself, this unique marinade and cooking sauce will enhance the natural flavors of meals while making them juicier, more tender, and much more flavorful, try it on burgers and steaks or just be creative! Anyone who tries what you make will be wondering, "whats your secret!" 

Rosie’s Hot Pepper Mustard - Rosie's Hot Pepper Mustard is made with fresh hot peppers, but don't let the hot part fool you. It is a hot-sweet taste that you get. Our mustard is probably one of the most versatile mustards on the market. It can be used as a regular mustard, or it can be served as dipping mustard for ham and cheese trays, or with pretzels and chips. You can use it with almost any meal that you are making. Mix it in chicken or potato salad. Use it as a bbq or basting sauce on wings or chicken. One of the best uses for our mustard is in deviled eggs.

Steak Marinade Recipe:

Step 1 – Add 1 cup of Rosie’s Hot Pepper Mustard into a mixing bowl

Step 2 – Add ¾ cup of The Old Colony Sauce to the mixture

Step 3 – Add half a cup of heavy whipping cream

Step 4 – Add 2 tablespoons of Ginger

Step 5 – Add 1 tablespoon of Pepper

Step 6 – Mix thoroughly and dip your steaks into the marinade. Be sure to evenly coat both sides of the steak

Step 7 – Grill your steaks over a hot grill until cooked to your preferred temperature

We hope you enjoy this unique flavor on your next steak dinner.