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Stello Foods - Producer and Distributor of Quality Homestyle Foods
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BBQ Stu's X-Xtra Hot Barbecue Sauce - 20 oz
BBQ Stu's Steel City Blast Furnace X-Xtra Hot Barbecue Sauce is not for the weak minded, weak hearted, or soft tongued. It has the same great taste as the Original Barbecue sauce, but with the mystery heat of select hybrid peppers. Gluten Free!

Bell View Hot & Sweet Cucumber Chips (Pickles) - 32 oz
Bell View Hot and Sweet Cucumber Chips are the pickles that tickle your taste buds with sweetness and warms your Adam's apple with heat! These Hot and Sweet Pickles make a perfect addition to any sandwich or enjoy straight from the jar.

Brentwood Express Rowdy BBQ Sauce - 19 oz
Serving 'The Burgh's' finest smoked BBQ since 2004!

Casalingo Bella Pasta Sauce - 26oz
All our products are based on family recipes and are carefully prepared from simple yet fine quality ingredients. ONLY 15 LEFT IN STOCK!

Champs (Stanley's) - Arrogant Wing Sauce - 15 oz
The sauce with personality! TEMPORALLY OUT OF STOCK!

Champs (Stanley's) Meek Wing Sauce - 15 oz
Giving MEEK Sauce to an already meek person may turn that person into a doormat. You've been warned!
$5.00  $4.00

Champs (Stanley's) Obnoxious Wing Sauce - 15 oz
Giving OBNOXIOUS sauce to a preexistingly obnoxious person may result in a completely intolerable person. You've been warned!
$5.00  $4.00

Ginny's Original Pasta Sauce - 32oz
Formerly located in Erie, Pa, the Famous Ginny's Place had the sauce that everyone loved! The restaurant is now closed but the sauce is available in large 32oz jars to be enjoyed at home!

Gourmet Sauces of Pittsburgh "Jag Off" Sweet n Hot Sauce - 12oz
JagOff (slang term from the Pittsburgh area) Sauce is a special blend that yields a subtle sweet taste with a nice spicy finish.

Gourmet Sauces of Pittsburgh Garlic Sauce - 12oz
Made for Wings, Great on Everything! A zesty, unique wing sauce that will spice up any and all of your favorite foods!

Stello Foods of Punxsutawney, PA is a producer and distributor of 
homestyle foods, including gourmet sauces, marinades, 
peppers, salsas, ketchups, mustards, relishes, and vinegarettes. 
Stello Foods offers private labeling and contract packaging.
Stello Foods - Producer and Distributor of Quality Homestyle Foods
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