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Big Ben's Hot Sauce 5 oz - Tailgate
We all know what Big Ben has done for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Now see what his sauce can do for you at your next BBQ outing.

Chef Tony Merola® Doctor's Hot Sauce - 5 oz
Warning: A few drops a day won't keep the doctor away but it sure will spice up your food the right way! ~ Chef Tony

Howie's Habanero Sweet and Spicy Hot Sauce - 6 oz
Howie's Habnero Sweet Spicy Sauce is for the Mild Pepper Enthusiast.

Howie's Habenero Hot Sauce - 6 oz
Howie's Habanero Sauce is one of the HOTTEST sauces that we make. Unlike most really hot sauces, Howie's still has a lot of flavor.

Jamaican Gourmet Hot Sauce - 5 oz
Jamaica's Motto - Out of many, one people - is the inspiration for this world class gourmet hot sauce. Gluten Free!

Moe Mountain Hot Sauce - 5oz
After much hard work mixing, taste testing and eye watering kitchen nights, Moe Mountain's Original Hotsauce was born. The ‘faint of taste buds’ should beware; Moe Mountain’s is not your average hot sauce.
$6.00  $5.00

Pepper's Heinie Hurtin Hot Sauce - 8 oz
MULTIPLE NATIONAL CHAMPION HOT SAUCE AND JELLY!! Great to mix with cream cheese for a dip, use as a glaze, or marinade. Gluten Free!
$5.50  $4.75

Pi Rho Peppers - Dat's My'en Hot Sauce
Pi Rho Peppers - Dat's My'en Smokey Sweet Pineapple Hot Sauce 6oz

Pittsburgh Sport Sauce Hot Pepper Sauce - 5oz
A legacy of the 'Burgh, a tradition for your table. Gluten Free!

Rosie's Habanero Hot Sauce - 6 oz.
A zesty blend of Fresh Habanero Peppers and spices in a hearty sauce.

Stello Foods of Punxsutawney, PA is a producer and distributor of 
homestyle foods, including gourmet sauces, marinades, 
peppers, salsas, ketchups, mustards, relishes, and vinegarettes. 
Stello Foods offers private labeling and contract packaging.
Stello Foods - Producer and Distributor of Quality Homestyle Foods
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